My name is Jeff Hornung and I am a woodturner.

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I started this journey as therapy for a minor brain injury.  Suffered a concussion in a car accident and was dealing with Post Concussion Syndrome. I needed a hobby, something I could focus on as inability to focus was my main issue. Tried a few things that helped but couldn’t keep my attention well enough.

My wife suggested a vacation to John C Campbell Folk School in North Carolina.  Folk school?  But…I don’t want to be a hippy, honey.  Needless to say we went anyway. I picked woodturning as I was fairly sure I could at least identify a lathe if need be. Did I mention I had never been a woodworker?

Long story short, I fell in love with turning. The moment I started, my head stopped hurting for a bit. I could focus again and had a very used lathe lined up for purchase as soon as we got home from our trip.  Found out I could make pens on that wobbly under powered lathe so that’s what I worked with. One day someone said “Hey, if I give you money…will you make me a pen?”  I thought they were being foolish but if that’s how they want to spend their money, who am I to argue?  With that, The Walnut Log was born.

I strive to re-purpose wood that is destined for the burn pile or landfill.  I want to create new designs using old world theory and centuries old technique.

Art.  Function.  Form.

What can I make for you?

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